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Defense [ Whut’z Da Solution ]

[ Inspired by “Whut’z Da Solution by DJ Krush ft. Kukoo Da Baga Bonez ]

Dj Krush – Whut’z Da Solution (Feat. Kukoo Da Baga Bonez) by afromulata

Whut’z going on, says Marvin Gaye
I don’t know but it’z even trifa than it was i your day
I feel grief, but at the same time I’m mad enough to catch beef
Becauz catz be camouflagin’
Actin’ like everything iz everything
But ready to throw a Tomahawk in ya back
Smilin’, jokin’ & laughin’ but profilin’
Playin’ da role like nothing’s happening
Letting da atin’ control ya soul
Jealousy iz festerin’, bubblin’
Ready to boil a whole persona
And lifestyle iz turmoil
Whut’z wit ya grill?
Were you suckin on a spoiled lemon?
I’m tellin’ you envy is deadly, look what happened to John Lennon
It’s sad, dat’z why my melon iz swellin’

Jealousy iz a mutha, envy is anotha
What can we do? What’z da solution?
(Repeat x 3)

I don’t know, but I got a few suggestions
It might be helpful or maybe not
But I feel like fishburne in school dayze
Stop, we must come together
Cauz if not society will rot
Becauz my brother iz everyone
No matter race, color or creed
I’m more than happy to congratulate
Not the hate
Jealousy iz just like an earthquake
It shakes, rattles & rolls ya way of thinking
Mad at a cat without meeting, angry at ya man
Becauz he’z seeking something better
But da thought gives you chills like da cost of an iceberg sweater
Why can’t we all get along?
That’s a question we should be askin’ ourselves
Listen to this song

It’s like whutever you do
Jealousy surround you
Everything I said iz true from verse 1 to verse 2
Then Sinsta came through to put hiz piece of mind in it
This hatred we got to end it
Send it to a far place like space
Never hesitate to support your fellow man
Brother, sister, spouse or mate
Take a lil’ advice from me
A true to heart M.C. who been encounterin’ envy
Overcoming da fake snakes & unfriendly
Rememberin’ these i da struggle
We need to make a difference in da 21st Century
Or itz trouble

Jealousy iz a mutha, envy is anotha
What can we do? What’z da solution?

– Kukoo Da Baga Bonez


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