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Drop Out

Tune in, turn on, drop out.

You Gotta Fight For Your Right [ To Party ]

Black & White Fight for their rights… to party


Elephant hand-plants
over the hills
far away
minimal dose = 500 mg.
“You betta shut the fuck up”
Is what the cracker said
“My 44′ make sure all yo kids don’t grow.”


I Love Imperfection

The World is Yours, Jinx [ Elephantree ]

Rolling on the ball
ten times tall
feeding on the cacti
he once disliked.
El, with the world on his back
pavement cracked
so relaxed.
Feeding on the cacti he once disliked.

Thom the Grom

Azulusko & The Giant Grapes of Houpe

Azulusko M32   2Azulusko M32

Wizards aliens & Ak-47’s
buying tacos from 7-11’s
being 5-0’ed by 9-11’s
My stash is hashed with 8th’s of heavens.